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Copywriter, content marketer: web copy, content writer, editing

Copywriter, content marketer: web copy, content writer, editing

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Copywriting has changed -- because marketing has changed.

You need to communicate with your customers. That's no bombshell.

But today's marketing and advertising options may cause you a bit of shock and awe: content marketing, inbound, SEO, bots, PPC, SERP, landing pages.... Seems like some under-aged prodigy in Silicon Valley is employed full time making up names and acronyms just to ruin your Monday morning return to the office.


Feeling overwhelmed? Uninformed?

You don’t need to. Because you know the important stuff: you know your business, and you know people want to do business with people. Not with the Internet. Not with some abstract company. They want to do business with someone like you; someone with a passion for their product or service, and the drive to communicate that passion.

That’s where I come in: I’m a people. And a copywriter.

I write marketing content and web copy that tell the unique story of your product or service, in your voice, and help you build relationships with customers who become enthusiastic ambassadors for your brand. Customers who want to do business with you, and want to tell their friends about it.

You are a master storyteller !!!!
— Dave Ohori, Owner, Can-San Gardening Services


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Content copywriting

Don't be that guy.

Don’t be that guy who fires off emails and blog posts like his audience is a moving target in a carnival shooting game. And content can’t drop into somebody’s inbox like an unwanted Yellow Pages delivered to the front door either. (I still get those...why? Baffled.)

Plus you definitely don’t want to be the second coming of the ShamWow guy. Content marketing is about building trust, and the hard-sell is gonna dig a grave and push your prospects’ trust right in...

Website copywriting

Remember when they used to say, “You need to get a website for your business?”

How quaint.

These days, that’s kind of like saying, “Hey, you’re gonna need some oxygen over there. You know for, like, breathing...”

It’s obvious. Every business owner knows they need a website. And you likely enjoy your oxygen as much as the next guy. (Wouldn’t it be great if your customers enjoyed your website copy as much as they like their oxygen? You know I can’t really promise magic, right? I'd love to, but...)


“Content is King.”

They don’t just say that because it sounds nice – although, who doesn’t enjoy a nice alliteration?

No, marketers and SEO specialists say that because Google (and Bing and DuckDuckGo and...) award much higher search result rankings to websites that are regularly updated with fresh content.

They also say it because “Blog and newsletter is King” sounds really bad...


Sometimes your own voice is the best way to...well, get your own voice heard.

You've written some webpages, or a content piece -- or you have some legacy material you want to polish up.

But that doesn’t mean you’re a grammar nerd, or care much about syntax and sentence structure.

Not a problem – because I do. I really do...