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Content marketing copy

Don't be that guy.

Don’t be that guy who fires off emails and blog posts like his audience is a moving target in a carnival shooting game. And content can’t drop into somebody’s inbox like an unwanted Yellow Pages delivered to the front door either. (I still get those...why? Baffled.)

You can't be the second coming of the ShamWow guy. Content marketing is about building trust, and the hard-sell is gonna dig a grave and push your prospects’ trust right in. Relationships are the foundation of trust, so that's where we start. Your custom content is crafted to provide your unique audience with information, insights and enjoyment. Our goal, together, is to create a meeting place for people who share your passion in your product or service.

Strategic use of content begins with an examination of your audience, existing or anticipated. Before we craft content that connects, we need to know:

  • Who are they?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What do they want to know?
  • How can you help them get what they want or solve a problem they face?

Then we define your message and your goals – and I slide down the pole to the Bat Cave and write some great content. While wearing my Batman pyjamas.

Content marketing often makes use of:

  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • FAQ pages
  • Webinars
  • Blogs
  • Video and Podcast scripts
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Case studies

Content marketing leverages many strategies and tactics. That gives you lots of opportunities – and an equally large number of approaches.

Content copywriting includes initial strategy session, my exclusive discovery questionnaire, two rounds of revisions, copy editing and proofreading.

Prices vary by project. Please contact me to discuss your needs.