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Copy editing & Proofreading

Sometimes your own voice is the best way to...well, get your own voice heard.

You've written some webpages, or a content piece for a marketing campaign -- or you have some legacy material you want to polish up.

But that doesn’t mean you’re a grammar nerd, or care much about syntax and sentence structure.

Not a problem – because I do. I really do. (Which leaves me wondering: am I just a nerd, or have I relocated into the geek ZIP code?)

You know that errors and inconsistencies and plain bad writing tarnish your brand. I can take care of that. In fact, I’ve been taking care of that for almost 30 years as a copy editor. I can also proofread any of your existing documents for spelling, punctuation and mechanics, localized for Canadian, American and international marketplaces.

Kevin was the editor of my book.... He certainly has a way with the English language that made the book more readable and easier to comprehend.
— Dr. Larry Toy

My hourly rates vary, depending on the complexity of editing (substantive, copy or proofreading) and proximity of deadline.